Order Rivo

If you are in the European Economic area (all European Union countries + Switzerland and Norway), order Rivo today for € 299,00 including 9% VAT and shipping. Rivo is shipped from the Netherlands and is delivered in 2 to 7 days depending on your location. No customs formalities or additional charges.

Currently orders are processed manually. This link opens an e-mail in your mail program in which you may fill out your details.

Frequently asked questions

If you have further questions feel free to contact BlindMobility.

Which countries can BlindMobility serve?

We can ship Rivo to all countries within the European economic area, which consists of all European Union member states plus Norway and Switzerland.

🇬🇧 If you are in the United Kingdom...

We warmly recommend your local distributor which offers UK customers excellent service at a comparable price. If you are in the United Kingdom, please order from computer room services.

How can I pay?

All payments must be made in Euro. Payment options are bank transfer to BlindMobility's Dutch iban or Paypal. In the Netherlands a payment request from ING is also possible. If you have special requirements for making the payment please let us know in your order e-mail.

Can I return my order?

You may return Rivo for a full refund within 14 days of receiving your package. Return shipments are at your expense and risk. A full refund is only issued if Rivo is returned undamaged in its undamaged original packaging. In other cases the refund may be refused or a restocking fee may apply.

What about warranty?

Rivo offers a one year limited warranty on their products which means that Rivo will be replaced free of charge (including a free package label for returning your defective unit) in case it is found to contain an apparent manufacturing defect within one year of purchase. This is in addition to your rights under Dutch and EU customer protection legislation which requires BlindMobility to provide a reasonable solution if your Rivo exhibits defects within its reasonable expected lifetime of two years. Units exhibiting defects as a result of accidents, normal decay, apparent improper use or other circumstances beyond our control will never be replaced free of charge.

However, We hope and understand that you will use Rivo intensively and know that accidents can happen. In such cases we may (at our sole discretion) offer a repair or replacement at a reduced price depending on the age of the unit, the customer honestly disclosing the cause of the defect and other relevant circumstances.

Will Rivo documentation be translated?

We plan to translate documentation into Dutch, French, German and other languages. We need people who can help us with translations and/or production of audio demonstration and training materials in different languages, if you are interested please get in touch.

I have ideas to help you promote and support Rivo, are you interested?

Yes, please get in touch to discuss this further.