Rivo smartphone companion for the blind

Keep your phone in your pocket!
woman holding Rivo2 smartphone companion for the blind

As a VoiceOver or Talkback user, do you find the use of the touchscreen is inconvenient at times? Do you need to stand still to check something on Google Maps or Blindsquare during your walkk? Can't you type a message on your bumpy bus commute? Have you always wished you could discretely check your notes during a meeting just like your sighted colleagues? Well, Rivo is the answer!

Efficiency in the palm of your hand

Rivo is a device the size of a thick credit card with 20 large, tactile buttons. Between The left and right rows of 4 function buttons each (l1 - l4 and r1 - r4) there is a standard 12-button "telephone keypad". By memorizing some easy and logical key combinations, you can totally control your smartphone and Apple watch without ever touching the screen.

Enjoy high-quality audio from your smartphone through Rivo's built-in speaker or earbuds connected to Rivo's 3.5mm audio jack. Control your music or other audio when on the move. Rapidly pause your background music so you can listen to the announcement of the next station on the train, and resume playback just as quickly. Effortlessly navigate a podcast or daisy book from your reclining chair on the beach. Should you drift off, you can conveniently rewind and fast forward without the limitations of the touchscreen position slider.

Place high-quality phone calls thanks to Rivo's built-in microphone and advanced telephone functionality. Rivo allows you to seamlessly make conference calls, put a call on hold when a second call comes in and reliably enter numbers when interacting with automated attendants.


Rivo costs € 299.
BlindMobility serves the European economic area.